Sermon by David


 wandered around in the world, and I was at a loss for a moment. I had been torturing myself for a while. I suddenly wanted to ask myself: What do people live to chase? In other words, what everyone wants to explore is the meaning of life. People are passively thrown into this world. People are meaningless to live. To live is to live. They live every day and eventually lead to nothingness and death.
So, is there any point in being alive? Therefore, I will learn to search on the Internet: Buddhism believes that the value and meaning of human life is a rather inexplicable philosophical proposition, “Where does life come from and where does death go?” So far, none of these questions has been uniformly recognized by mankind. answer. The saints and philosophers have their own detached conceptual cognitions, but they cannot always teach the public to turn their minds into enlightenment. Why? One is because of the complexity of the objective world, that is, there are too many confusions and hesitation on the wrong road. The second is that sentient beings have many changes in their minds, doubts, and uncertain confidence. Greed, anger, ignorance, suspicion, troubles, and confusion, the human heart cannot be clean and peaceful, killing theft, promiscuity, drinking, wealth, food, food, and sleep, all bad habits and bad habits cannot be quit. The teacher’s story says: If there is no hell, there is no heaven, then there is no causal cycle, there is no cycle of retribution, is that true?

In fact, most people are alive, only chasing the appearance of life, taking it as reality. According to Buddhist understanding, every shot of our life process will not stay in the world forever. “Similar” and “continued” are eternal temporary. Not knowing the truth of life in the universe is the confusion and confusion about life. Buddhism is super-scientific and super-philosophical, and only Buddhism can reveal the essential truth of life and the truth of life. However, everyone can’t believe it and can’t settle down, so they can only discuss and feel sentimental about the appearance of things. These questions all exist in our lives, and we need each of us to face and answer them. How can we live to have value and meaning in our lifetime? Teacher Compassion: Every day must be regarded as the last day of alive. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow? Or it happens to you, your family, or the people around you, so we must cherish every minute and every second, and we must do things that benefit all living beings.

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