People live for what? What is the meaning of life? This is a question that many people ask. First of all, let’s discuss what people live for? What do people live for? From the perspective of daily life, we always live for others.

When we were young, we lived for our parents. In the world of your parents, you are a baby. I only wish you to grow up happily and worry-free, watching you laugh foolishly and play mischievously, they will be satisfied and happy. Because there is a hope or dream that continues in the hearts of parents.

After growing up, we began to live for learning. You have to acquire knowledge, listen to the teachings of teachers in school, and live for class, homework, and exams. You are on the edge of school and society, and you are also standing at the moment of life choices. Your wings are gradually full, and you will live with a new attitude to meet the next goal.

Stepping into society, we begin to live for work. First of all, if you want to fill your stomach, if you want to make a living, you must go to work. You have to work day and night. You have to do the dirty work. In order to get more and better rewards and status, you have to work hard.

This process also includes falling in love, getting married, establishing a family, and having the goal of living for the lover and for the family. When the children grow up, we start to live for the children again, and we must create the best family environment and work environment for the children. The twilight of life has reached the end of the night. From closing your eyes to heaven, one has completed the whole meaning of “living” in a lifetime.

So, is there any time left? If you think about it, we almost never live for ourselves! When you don’t know what you are living for, you can imagine the situation after you die. For those who care about you, it is undoubtedly a painful blow and even makes some people lose the confidence and courage to continue living. Therefore, life is also a responsibility.

We are all living for ourselves in the eyes of others. As an independent individual, one is born with the desire to realize self-affirmation, and this affirmation almost all comes from the external society and the people around, all the factors of success, in the final analysis, come from the sincerity closest to you.

Who do we live for? In a practical sense, no matter how great human beings are, they will ultimately be unable to get rid of the domination of reality, so in many cases, we can’t really be ourselves, but just shadows in other people’s lives.

Falling in love is not a reason to “live for others”. Similarly, there is no excuse for “live for each other” between parents and children. Respect, but not asking everyone to be standardized, obligated, and “should” is the way to get along.

I often hear parents say to their children: “Children! Mom and Dad do all this for you!” This will not only increase the mental burden and psychological pressure on the children but also be too hypocritical.

I often hear my wife or husband say: “I do everything for this family! It’s all for you!” These words also sound awkward. I don’t have a happy life and can bring happiness to my family and “me”. ?

If ideally speaking, we live to pursue our own life value, we live to be a true self, life is a gift of nature, we really have no right to waste our lives. In fact, in the end, you will find that love is over, hate is over, only the self in the mirror exists so real, even if you don’t think much of that self.​​​

From an objective point of view, it is very stupid to think endlessly about what you live for. However, everyone needs to have some ideas, always shining in front of you, to guide their progress.

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