This is my first contact with volunteering in a hospital and serving the general public. As far as I am concerned, even after listening, I know that I have not paid more than I have gained, but how many people can really do it? At the same time, I also think that volunteering to serve the public should be willing from the bottom of my heart. Selflessness should be the most valuable asset in human nature. On the other hand, many students now use volunteer service-learning as a tool to add points for examinations and advancement. Distortion is indeed regrettable. I have to admit that I participated in volunteer work because the school opened a service-learning course, but I am also very grateful to the school for giving me this impetus, and I also thank Tiansheng Hospital for giving me this opportunity, so that I can actually contribute. Participation services.

When I was a volunteer in Tiansheng Hospital, I spent most of my time in the medical record room to help with initial consultations and organizing the medical records of department activities, etc., while a small part of the time was to help with community activities organized by Tiansheng Hospital-free of charge. In the aerobic exercise class, when I was sorting inactive medical records in the medical record room, I had the opportunity to see the medical check-up sheet on the last few pages of the medical record, because my medical check-up was related to what I learned, but because I hadn’t learned the border check in my junior year It’s a pity that I don’t understand the courses such as blood, blood, etc. Furthermore, in this congested medical records room, I think the biggest help is to organize the inactive medical records and clear out a small area for display; During the sign-in process for the students who helped to participate in the aerobics class, I saw the enthusiasm and enthusiasm between the teachers who were serious in teaching and the students who were serious in learning aerobics. As a volunteer, free classes are offered to the community to participate and contribute to the community. Being a volunteer here really allows me to broaden my knowledge, absorb new knowledge, and generate new ideas and new ideas about life. 

Finally, everything in life is like a small square of a magic cube, and every stage of life or a person’s personality is like every square. Sometimes flipping the water chestnut can create sparks, and sometimes it just can’t turn out one. The answer, but as long as we are willing to give without asking for anything in return, and use our own small power to help others, small power can change the world. I think this is the so-called spirit of volunteerism.

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