God has a plan, and it’s Great. Join us in our prayers to His Name

Everyone has their own dreams. As the saying goes, “Life has a dream, and dreams are practical.” People are encouraged to do their best to prepare for this dream. Christians have dreams, which are God’s plans for everyone.

Pastor Kou explained that that work is a work, and we are the work of God. In Jesus Christ, we are born again through the salvation of the cross. He has a plan for us, which is what He wants us to do.

He pointed out that the Bible says that God paid such a high price to each of us and saved us back with the life of His only beloved Son. He has a great expectation of us. And this expectation is what He intends to do for you and me. There are certain things that God intends for us to do throughout our lives.

Pastor Kou pointed out that God has a complete plan in our lives. That is not our own dream, but God’s plan for us, and it will definitely be fulfilled. And in this process, just like Joseph in the Old Testament, there is a dream-building process in his life, and in the process, God has a preparation for Joseph that he wants to do all his life. thing. God used him to bring the family of Israel to Egypt, so that there would be a great starvation later.

Pastor Kou said: “But God is very planned, very step-by-step, and prepares step by step. The greatest preparation is actually to prepare Joseph.” He said that God’s plan for us will be realized. God is also preparing, that is, preparing us as a person.

Pastor Kou asked, “Are you ready? We are going to enter Joseph’s life together. In his life, you will see how God prepared him. And I also believe that it is a mirror, and we will also see how God prepared him.” You, how God prepared me.”

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