Willingly (Shared by the brothers of the Living Water Fellowship) Scripture: The Lord said to Moses, You tell the Israelites to send me gifts, and whoever is willing, you can accept it to me. (Exodus 25:1-2) Meditate: Our God is really not a casual God. There are many and very detailed requirements for the sacrifices and methods that Israel must offer, and they cannot be sloppy at all. , How to set up the Tabernacle, I have to say how detailed it is a few cubits long and wide. Isn’t He a free-flying, omnipresent God? Why do you need to do so? Is it so important? After reading several times, I meditated that all the requirements were not for Himself, but God was teaching the Israelis’ attitude towards Him. In the delicate requirements, let them (or us) be absolutely focused on serving God. The priority order of the company, and “willingly” is at the forefront of all requirements.

Application: When they came out of Egypt, the Israelites had to set up the tabernacle every time they went. It was their worship center, a place to meet God, not a place to laugh, swear, and socialize. Our heart is today that God Himself has set up the temple of the Holy Spirit. Everything is not casual, everything must be willing. Every Sunday, the Secretary will remind the congregation, “It is pleasing to God to give willingly.” The same is true for the time devoted to God’s service. Is it happily and willingly, or is it sighing and grumbling? This is a very clear indicator of our ministry. Leading the Bible study in the fellowship, am I willing to do so? The answer is yes! If there is a trace of reluctance, God is not pleased. We should learn from Jesus, put aside our work, and go back to the wilderness to pray. During the short rest, we ask God to let us regain strength. Today is Holy Communion Sunday, a day when God wants us to rest and regain strength. Prayer: Thank you and praise the Lord. You don’t want us to be tired day and night. You tell us to have a day of rest, to be able to return to your home and enjoy the rest. Ask God to give the spirit of service and put “willingness” in our hearts. Let us serve with total joy. Pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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