When I saw this question, my first feeling was that in the tripartite relationship, you put yourself in the middle of the mother-in-law and your husband. In the tripartite relationship, the husband should act as a bridge in the middle. It was a man who pulled two women into the same family who had nothing to do with each other. However, the culture, growth experience, living habits, family traditions, etc. are different in each aspect, making the two parties both fight for the love of the same man, but also You have to work hard to adapt to each other, and you are in your heart, so some friction in life is inevitable. In the handling of this relationship, the most important thing is to find a reasonable way of communication.

Now there are many emotional confession platforms, which can talk one-on-one anonymously, let you talk to strangers about your concerns, and can also talk to you and solve your troubles. Three ways to teach you to handle the three-way relationship perfectly 1. First get along with your mother-in-law, see and accept the differences between you, this is a good enough foundation. There is no right or wrong in the difference itself, it is just different. If you look at what happens in your life with this kind of thought, you may have a different feeling. Give proper respect and filial piety to your mother-in-law. In your circle of life, others will say good things to each other, and don’t let external factors provoke the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. And what you have to do is not to force your husband to stand on your side, so that your husband may complain to you because he feels guilty to his mother.

Now your husband wants to break away from the original family and start a new family with you, and this new family is your nuclear family. The boundaries and rules of the new family need to be established by both your husband and wife through communication and negotiation. Go and communicate with your mother-in-law. Separation from the original family is a challenge for the husband. You need comfort, support and help as a wife instead of complaining and accusing. If your mother-in-law interferes with the internal affairs of the new family, at this time, your husband will come forward to communicate with your mother-in-law. This is an internal matter in your family. It is good for your husband and wife to resolve it. Having her husband come forward to communicate can avoid some mother-in-laws, sons and mothers have their established ways of communication, and sons will communicate effectively without hurting the mother’s emotions.

If you have any doubts or grievances during this mediation process, you should speak up. If you don’t want to disclose it to someone you are familiar with, you can also choose a one-on-one anonymous confession platform to protect your soul and regulate your worries. Of course, all of this requires your small family to have the ability to be independent. If your small family is not yet autonomous in terms of finances, life, etc., relying on the family will not be able to establish its own sense of boundaries and the right to speak. weaken. If you still have other confusions about family issues and mother-in-law relationship, welcome to the Emotional Talking Platform, where you can talk one-on-one anonymously to solve your worries and relieve stress.

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